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2021 Cabrinha Crosswing X2


Sizes: 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7m

Ultra efficient power source for use with all watercraft


  • NEW ultra rigid double strut for aerofoil support and improved response. Top strut supports canopy profile. Bottom strut is designed for ergonomics and control.
  • NEW improved ergonomics
  • NEW widespan handle layout for micro adjustment/trim. Widespan handles are firm and provide immediate response to rider input. Each handle is approximately the length of two webbing handles.
  • NEW harness line attachment point
  • NEW increased LE diameter for improved stiffness and fully tensioned canopy
  • NEW Hybrid dihedral for increased stiffness and roll stability
  • NEW improved low end power
  • Light wind efficiency
  • Excellent upwind ability
  • Excellent forward drive and speed
  • Nano ripstop
  • High tenacity dacron LE
  • Sprint inflate valve
  • Extremely safe operation
  • Safety wrist leash included
  • Kevlar wingtip reinforcement


2021 Cabrinha Crosswing X22021 Cabrinha Crosswing X2
















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