North Foil LTD Kitefoilset 2016/2017 - Gebraucht


North Foil LTD Kitefoilset 2016/2017 - Gebraucht

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Die ultimative Beginner / Fortgeschrittenen Kombi ! Mit dieser Kitefoilkomination ist das erlernen des Kitefoilen sehr einfach. Aufgrund seiner Konstruktion und Form sicherlich das mit Abstand sicherste und verletzungsunempfindlichste Foil. Damit ist das erlernen der neuen Faszination sehr einfach!

Das Set ist gebraucht aber in sehr guten, neuwertigen Zustand !


North Foil LTD Board Komplett Kiteboard Set

mit Foil Strut + Foil Wing Assembly

Foilboarding is just about to take off, and with the North Kiteboarding Hydrofoil you can jump aboard for the flight of a lifetime. It will be easier than you think!

The advantages of a foil are obvious; extreme upwind ability and amazing light wind performance. However finding a foil that is easy to use and stable has been a lot harder, until now! North Kiteboarding created a set up that works in harmony with the rider.

The wide stable surface area of the front foil itself also helps to keep the board under control. Both of these attributes combine to provide low take off speeds. Another key feature are the safety rails that connect the front and rear foils. This unique feature makes the North Hydrofoil the safest set up on the market.

With the perfect amount of volume and width, the board is extremely easy to ride in those moments before you get airborne.

Product Info

  • Easiest foil shape to ride on
  • Extremely stable on all axis
  • Fast and fun to ride
  • Foil and board combo makes riding easier

Key Features

  • Three part design for easy traveling
  • Foil Strut
  • Foil Wing Assembly
  • Hydrofoil Board  (53 X 21 X 2 3/4? volume 38.8L)




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