Naish Thrust KS1 Foil

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Naish Thrust KS 1 Foil

All-around Freeride Foil Kitesurfing

Standard Mast Size: 90 cm |Aspect Ratio: 3.38 | Wingspan: 54.6 cm | Surface Area: 880 cm2 | Fuselage: 64.2 cm


Developed by the Naish team, the Thrust KS 1 Foil is fast and stable, inspiring confidence yet delivering plenty of straight line mojo. The kite-specific flat main wing planes up quickly for smooth take-offs, and situates itself naturally in the water for a balanced ride - it tracks beautifully thanks to a rudder integrated into the stabilizer (rear wing), and moves upwind and downwind with ease. The long fuselage adds more stability, and Naish?s unique stabilizer adjustment system allows the entire set up to be optimally tuned for individual riders. The long (90 cm) extruded alloy mast can be retrofitted to any style box system. This deceptively clean design has dominated our side-by-side testing, and the Naish team of riders is growing every day as more people try our foil.


Medium Aspect Flat Foil = Fast + stable + smooth launch
Adjustable Stabilizer = Allows wing to be perfectly tuned for a wide range of rider weights
Integrated Rudder Foil = Increased directional stability + better turning


Aircraft Grade Aluminum 6061 Mast & Fuselage
Fiberglass Composite Wings
316 Stainless Steel Hardware


WARNING: DO NOT USE THE HOVER HYDROFOIL IN THE SURF.  You will permanently damage your foil and can cause serious injury or death to yourself and others around you. Damage incurred as a result of abnormal use, or subjected to stress?including breaking waves?beyond the physical limits of the materials used in body or components is not covered under the warranty policy.

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